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Let begin the uploading of my favorite sophomore works of art! These pieces I really want to upload here quickly to show everyone, and then I can get back to posting my new works!

To start things off, here’s Family Men, my “celebrity with a pet” portrait. I chose to elongate Sandler’s head, as we all know he himself likes to poke fun at his “egg shaped head”. For me, it was a no brainer to pair him with a labrador retriever! Labs are wonderful family pets; kind, sweet, loving, funny, snuggly, loyal friends in a doggie body. Sandler himself comes off as a family man, caring about his family and loving to them.

Why is the lab white, you ask?

The lab is white for two reasons: to reflect the purity of heart both the loving family dog and the family man have, and due to the fact that this portrait does have a partner to accompany it!

The partner piece to my Sandler portrait, Interconnected is about the absolutely pure, spiritual connection between Sri Anandamayi Ma and the peacock. The peacock’s job is to take all of the negative things out of the world. For doing this great duty for the world, the peacock’s feathers are turned brilliant colors! Anadamayi was a beautifully spiritual figure in India, and during her life brought light to this world ❤

I hate, with all the fibers of my being, HATE fur farming.

This piece, Stewards of the Earth, came about after I read an article on fur farming in Finland, and the disgusting conditions of many of them. Being a Christian country, they inspired me to take the Christian idea of being a “steward of the earth” and taking care of God’s creations. Those people that torture these animals, skin them alive, bludgeon them to death, stick electric rods up the anus of an animal and electrocute it to death…they’re not taking care of God’s creation. I don’t care what your religious background is. Each of the major world religions mentions taking care of the lord’s creations, not torturing them to death. Fur farming is disgusting and a shame to humanity. Those people are not human, they are monsters for what they do to those animals.

I’m very well aware that not all fur farming practices are like the ones I’ve read about, but I am still very against any and all practices like this, commercial farming included. There’s better ways to feed


It seems either Google is a half wit, or someone tried to hack my email account. I absolutely couldn’t get into my email at all AND I forgot the password I had used for this account (blonde, much?). But worry not, for I’ve gotten both issues taken care of 🙂

Sweet, soft, cuddly and cute, lovely little critters with sweet little faces!

This March, I rescued a rat I’ve named Maxine. She’s a chocolate hooded rat, and an adventurous little girl! She won’t hesitate to give you a good warning nip if you’re irritating her, but she’s actually a very loving, cuddly girl that loves to go for a “ride” on my shoulders. Shortly after rescuing Maxine, I rescued an albino rat from the same location, naming her Freyja. She’s a bit shy, but once I get her in my arms she’s calm and collected. I liken Freyja to a sophisticated, elegant woman with a lovely white laced dress. She’s alpha among my rats, and despite her lovely, delicate little self, Freyja is quick to put the other two girls in their place!

In the later weeks of March, I went to a different shop to get a new companion for my girls. I came home with little, tiny Luna. When I put my finger close to the tank she was in, she was the first rat pup to come running at my finger. At that moment, I KNEW I had to take her home! She was just a wee little thing when I brought her home; she could fit in the palm of my hand. Now she’s gotten bigger, her tail has lost its baby softness and fuzz, but she’s still got those over sized ears of hers (no, she’s not a Dumbo rat)!

This past week, I had a scare with Maxine. I found a mass on her neck, and suspected a tumor (females are more prone to developing tumors). The vet said it was a tumor, and in a few months it would grow to the point that her quality of life wouldn’t be good and the best option would be to put her to sleep. I was extremely upset, as I’ve never lost a pet before (my oldest pet is 11 years old). She was put on steroids and antibiotics (her sister Freyja was also put on the antibiotics). She wasn’t doing well, and I thought I was going to lose her. Maxine was losing weight, didn’t want to eat or drink much, and wasn’t very social. I was desperate for her to gain weight and bulk up to keep her going, so I went out and bought her some summer sausage and avocado for bulking up, grapes and strawberries for energy, and a bottle of Naked “Green Machine” juice, just to see if it would be a nice supplement for her (she didn’t like it and the other two disliked it as well).

After feeding Maxine those things, she was very lively the next day, and the day after she wasn’t so lively, but was doing better. Since then, she’s been a lot better, the mass has shrunk (looks like it’s gone), and she’s back to chewing up cardboard and fabrics. It’s been an upsetting and scary thing to deal with, but I think Maxine has gotten closer to me as a result. She doesn’t put up much fuss now when I pick her up, and I now can take her walking around the house! Me thinks the little girl is feeling a lot better!

Hopping onto my illustration board, what a cute little thing that you are!

I made this little guy about a month ago as a gift. My music professor is such a kind hearted woman, and I always perk up in her classes if I'm having a nasty day. She always likes the little rabbits I doodle on my tests in there, so for her kindness to me I made her a bunny and matted it as well! She was so happy to receive it, and that made my day.

Watercolor on illustration board.

I apologize for the dim image! I had to quickly snap a photo of this little guy, and unfortunately the lighting was quite iffy. I did try to correct it in Photoshop, but my lack of knowledge in photo editing is showing!

This little bunny is so cute though! I was considering keeping this, but it made me happier to gift it instead.

Just a quick little hello and introduction on my part!

You may call me M or cat or kitty or what have you. Why not my real name? It’s because I don’t know you, silly! I’m finishing up my junior term at college. I’m an Illustration major focusing on animal illustration. Since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a close, endearing bond with all kinds of animals. My love for and connection with animals has evolved into my artistic passion. I love to make illustrations of mammals, but recently I’ve taken a liking towards amphibians.

Originally, I was going to make this blog on the Blogger site, but Google decided that changing my account password and selecting a theme for my blog was “unusual activity” and disabled my account. Cool beans, eh? Instead of waiting around, I chose to come back to WordPress. I do believe this site has more users anyway, so that’s more people for me to talk to.

I’ll post my old art up here, and hopefully get around to updating with my new work!

Tah tah,