Little Bunny FooFoo…

Hopping onto my illustration board, what a cute little thing that you are!

I made this little guy about a month ago as a gift. My music professor is such a kind hearted woman, and I always perk up in her classes if I’m having a nasty day. She always likes the little rabbits I doodle on my tests in there, so for her kindness to me I made her a bunny and matted it as well! She was so happy to receive it, and that made my day.

Watercolor on illustration board.

I apologize for the dim image! I had to quickly snap a photo of this little guy, and unfortunately the lighting was quite iffy. I did try to correct it in Photoshop, but my lack of knowledge in photo editing is showing!

This little bunny is so cute though! I was considering keeping this, but it made me happier to gift it instead.



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