Sorry for my absence! Here’s something to make you smile: Classic Toys from the 90s!

As some of my more devoted followers might know, I’ve been unwell for weeks now. It’s been hard on me both physically, financially, and mentally.

I’ve been trying to make some money by selling my beloved Pokemon collection to those who will appreciate them! All of my items are in great condition, as I took good care of them when I was little. If you’re a Pokemon fan, please check out my ebay! I’ve been sure to price everything lower than other lots of the same item, because I want my things to both sell AND be affordable.

Click here to view items for sale:

All auctions start at .99 cents USD! Please spread the word!

I adored these items as a little girl, and I never thought that I’d ever sell them. Perhaps by my selling them, another little girl or a little boy will be gifted those great toys I loved so much and will have as much fun as I did. 🙂



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