A little snack for my girls before they go to sleep ❤ I’ve been sick lately, so I’ve understandably not made much along the lines of art. Fortunately, singing to my rats remains one of my little “artistic outputs” that hasn’t been messed up due to illness. How can I feel bad when those adorable little ratties are being so adorabibble?


Sweet, soft, cuddly and cute, lovely little critters with sweet little faces!

This March, I rescued a rat I’ve named Maxine. She’s a chocolate hooded rat, and an adventurous little girl! She won’t hesitate to give you a good warning nip if you’re irritating her, but she’s actually a very loving, cuddly girl that loves to go for a “ride” on my shoulders. Shortly after rescuing Maxine, I rescued an albino rat from the same location, naming her Freyja. She’s a bit shy, but once I get her in my arms she’s calm and collected. I liken Freyja to a sophisticated, elegant woman with a lovely white laced dress. She’s alpha among my rats, and despite her lovely, delicate little self, Freyja is quick to put the other two girls in their place!

In the later weeks of March, I went to a different shop to get a new companion for my girls. I came home with little, tiny Luna. When I put my finger close to the tank she was in, she was the first rat pup to come running at my finger. At that moment, I KNEW I had to take her home! She was just a wee little thing when I brought her home; she could fit in the palm of my hand. Now she’s gotten bigger, her tail has lost its baby softness and fuzz, but she’s still got those over sized ears of hers (no, she’s not a Dumbo rat)!

This past week, I had a scare with Maxine. I found a mass on her neck, and suspected a tumor (females are more prone to developing tumors). The vet said it was a tumor, and in a few months it would grow to the point that her quality of life wouldn’t be good and the best option would be to put her to sleep. I was extremely upset, as I’ve never lost a pet before (my oldest pet is 11 years old). She was put on steroids and antibiotics (her sister Freyja was also put on the antibiotics). She wasn’t doing well, and I thought I was going to lose her. Maxine was losing weight, didn’t want to eat or drink much, and wasn’t very social. I was desperate for her to gain weight and bulk up to keep her going, so I went out and bought her some summer sausage and avocado for bulking up, grapes and strawberries for energy, and a bottle of Naked “Green Machine” juice, just to see if it would be a nice supplement for her (she didn’t like it and the other two disliked it as well).

After feeding Maxine those things, she was very lively the next day, and the day after she wasn’t so lively, but was doing better. Since then, she’s been a lot better, the mass has shrunk (looks like it’s gone), and she’s back to chewing up cardboard and fabrics. It’s been an upsetting and scary thing to deal with, but I think Maxine has gotten closer to me as a result. She doesn’t put up much fuss now when I pick her up, and I now can take her walking around the house! Me thinks the little girl is feeling a lot better!