Well Wishing and Greetings

I’ve been away I know, taking care of myself and working on my tumblr. I’m VERY active on my tumblr if anyone is interested:

My tumblr


Just a quick little hello and introduction on my part!

You may call me M or cat or kitty or what have you. Why not my real name? It’s because I don’t know you, silly! I’m finishing up my junior term at college. I’m an Illustration major focusing on animal illustration. Since I was a wee lass, I’ve had a close, endearing bond with all kinds of animals. My love for and connection with animals has evolved into my artistic passion. I love to make illustrations of mammals, but recently I’ve taken a liking towards amphibians.

Originally, I was going to make this blog on the Blogger site, but Google decided that changing my account password and selecting a theme for my blog was “unusual activity” and disabled my account. Cool beans, eh? Instead of waiting around, I chose to come back to WordPress. I do believe this site has more users anyway, so that’s more people for me to talk to.

I’ll post my old art up here, and hopefully get around to updating with my new work!

Tah tah,