As some of my more devoted followers might know, I’ve been unwell for weeks now. It’s been hard on me both physically, financially, and mentally.

I’ve been trying to make some money by selling my beloved Pokemon collection to those who will appreciate them! All of my items are in great condition, as I took good care of them when I was little. If you’re a Pokemon fan, please check out my ebay! I’ve been sure to price everything lower than other lots of the same item, because I want my things to both sell AND be affordable.

Click here to view items for sale:

All auctions start at .99 cents USD! Please spread the word!

I adored these items as a little girl, and I never thought that I’d ever sell them. Perhaps by my selling them, another little girl or a little boy will be gifted those great toys I loved so much and will have as much fun as I did. 🙂


Sorry for my absence guys and gals, I’ve just been sick off and on for about 2-3 weeks here. I’m still sick, and will be going to the doctor’s tomorrow. I hope things will be alright 😦

Hi hi everyone! I’ve created two new pieces! They just need their backgrounds to be finished and then they’ll make their appearances here!

To those who follow me, is there anything in particular you’d like to see me upload here? 🙂

It’s been uncomfortably hot out for this cat and my three rats 😦 Yikes.

Art…. I need to make more art, but I have zero motivation. It’s incredibly hard for me to get motivated about things, because all that happens is I lose interest halfway through and end up jumping to something else. I don’t know how other artists keep their motivation. As soon as something upsets me, everything hits the fan and end up being halted. I wonder if that has any relation to my psychological issues? I’d have the answer, but I’m apparently not messed up enough to warrant a visit to the psychiatrist. I’ve been asking and demanding a psychiatrist, but I’ve officially been denied help twice. They won’t help me until I end up in a hospital bed.

I’m extremely tired. This heat doesn’t let me sleep!

My heart and love await me in England, and I could cry ’til my lungs gave out that I cannot be there. This US economy is pulverizing me 😦 I want to be there with my heart, but my lack of money prevents me from being there. I am not a whole person if I am not with my heart 😦

Well, I’m in a bit of a rough patch here. I’ve got little food, and my phone service is going to be terminated. The phone was supposed to be paid for by a certain someone in my family, but instead of supporting, this person would rather deny. The point of the phone was so that I could communicate with everyone and so that I’d have a way to get a hold of emergency services. This phone was purchased the day after I was sexually assaulted last month.

I’ve got a lot of negative things going on, but I’m trying to keep my chin up.

I’ve been looking about for a job, but this area is hurting and jobs are few 😦 I’ve opened up low cost commissions starting at $10, but I haven’t had a bite yet. Things aren’t looking good, but I’m still gonna keep my chin up.